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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
no probs fol,just like to see some transfer speed tests as well if its ok.

it dont matter if its a beta or not,im only looking for a rough guidline,do you have a aca1220 as well knocking around?
On its own;
1.50 MIPS / 1437 Dhrystones / @14.10 MHz
HDD Speed;
1,362,967 BYTES/SEC

With ACA1220;
3.42 MIPS / 3281 Dhrystones / @17.60 MHz
HDD Speed;
1,791,416 BYTES/SEC

With ACA1232;
7.74 MIPS / 7423 Dhrystones / @34.50 MHz
HDD Speed;
2,412,368 BYTES/SEC

This is using FastFile System.
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