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In my opinion companies that cant make money should have stayed as hobies. I am tired of companies/people with unworkable buisiness plans begging for money. Places like (make linux software and give it away for free.. no shit nobody buys it) ( made a few bucks on adds and quit his day job during hype.. now asks for donations ever other week to support his "hobby job"). And now this guy from centsible crying because a non amiga user wants to buy the place and sell it off on EBAY over the next few years ( centsible sells stuff on EBAY already, not sure how many people buy from their store these days). I guess only AMIGA users should be able to bend Amiga people over and screw them with crazy prices (just like steve jobs does to mac loyalists).

To sum it up, if your hobby is usefull enough to me I might send you a few dollars donation if I want to (like shareware software I have purchased), but dont beg me for money when its your full time job. If what your slinging isnt selling find another job.
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