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In any case why colour count matter? The game in that list with the most colors is Kang Fu and it's a horrid-looking piece of garbage game.

I think the main thing here is not about technicalities, rather about game design. Games like Zool 2, Mr. Nutz or Mr. Beanbag have that right platformer feel, regardless of if the character is a bad ass squirrel or, well, a beanbag. It also doesn't matter if Mr. Nutz is more colourful, or if the Zool 2 parallax in the AGA versions is replaced with a copper background in the ECS versions, I still think it's the same brilliant, console-feeling, rewarding platform game.

People are too quick to judge things on how they look and sound. Perfect case is usually Street Fighter 2, the Super version on Amiga (not AGA Turbo) is the best Street Fighter game of them all because it just FEELS right although it looks rather lame. It was so gratifying to play it!
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