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Mario was originally called simply "jump man" but design and marketing departments soon realised that most people don't play video games as a purely intellectual exercise, that games are actually a medium for telling a story, and that emotional investment is important.

Mr Nutz was a bit too close to Sonic for my liking, that's the exact sort of image I wanted to move away from. That "attitude problem" that was so trendy, the way they'd give you accusing looks if you let them alone, as if to say "come on, I haven't got all day". I can see their appeal to their target audience, I suppose. Mr Beanbag has developed some personality of his own, but he's very much the antithesis of these impatient go-getter types. I have decided in fact that his one aim in life is to become a Rabbi. But he can't, because he's a beanbag and beanbags aren't allowed to study Torah.

But with all the refactoring of the code I'm doing now, it will be possible to load in custom modules to do different things, so it should be possible in future to replace the main character with anything you like. He does blink if you let him alone already. Maybe I can give him different facial expressions depending on the level of danger, or something.

s2325: where did you get that information?
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