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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Well the ACA500 is going to suprise alot of people.
It suprised me, been testing it for little under a day now and its like using an A1200.
Speed is awesome and all the features, you are really spoiled. Makes me want to have an A500 again just to play with one.

The boot menu is cool, so many options, you can even boot with no physical KS ROM in socket, very cool.

It brings the A500 up to the standard of an A1200 (minus AGA), no null cables, just jam in you FAT CF card and transfer your files, as you would with a A600 and A1200.

hi fol.

was that just the aca500 or did it have a another aca12xx card plugged in?

oh,any chance you could put up a sysinfo benchmark with raw transfer speeds,mips etc aca on its own and with a aca12xx of your choice when youve got a sec.i know its not tottaly acurate but its just to see in general.

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