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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Well I have working files now, I have the game loading up but as soon as I load a level the game locks up and the game field remains blank (on the real A600) *Similar to the issues I had on my A4000

I've booted the same CF card pulled from my A600 on WinUAE with the same settings. i.e Rom (3.1 for A500/A600/A2000) set up as an A600 with 64mb Fast Ram and 2mb Chip Ram, A600 extra chipset and Full ECS & No FPU and the same files for Wolf3D ECS.

It works just fine under emulation so that rules out any software issue in my Workbench install, it's definitely a hardware incompatibility either with the ACA630 or A604 or indeed the A600 it's self.

Be interesting to hear if anyone has the ECS version running on an expanded A600 or A2000, maybe the ACA620 would work or another A600 Turbo Board.

I bet it would run real nice on an A2000 with a GVP 030 or 040 combo
Wolf3D ECS works fine with my Furia 32-Bit 37MHz fully playable.
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