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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
CD32 version of Flink have only 38 colors on screen, so yes, maybe it can be possible on ECS Amiga.
Héhé... It makes me remember the old days, when the reviewers were always speaking of "256 colours on screen".

In fact not so many games of this era had 256 cols on screen. And when you see the work made with games like Flink, Beneath a Steel Sky and others, you can see that it was in fact pointless to have so much cols on screen

Same thing with the "astonishing" CD music of Microcosm on the CD32. I remember reading a review in a french magazine saying that the music was perfect which was normal because it was CD played.
In fact the music of Microcosm isn't at all CD music but all made by Paula... And the game is definitivly in less than 256 cols... But the reviewers were willing to believe that they were actually listening to a CD tunes and playing a games in full AGA 256 cols glory, and not a poor old amiga tune with gfx in 64 cols, maybe less...

(for french readers, reviews are here : )
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