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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
Yes but you need better chip in Indy, this was just experiment. Great coding skills but too slow and unstable to use.
Indivision ECS is a flickerfixer, not a graphics card. It is in the wrong place (on the wrong bus) for a faster framebuffer mode; this chip is great already: With the hardware we have on the unit, we can move more than 160MBytes per second, which is plenty for a 12-bit framebuffer. It's just that the ECS chip bus with it's low bandwidth of 3,5MBytes/s isn't good enough for a gfx card.

In other words: It is technically impossible to add a gfx card on the Denise socket. You need a bus that has a much higher performance, and that's not available in the A500 at all. You therefore need to design an accelerator with a fast local bus, which brings us back to the topic of the last few pages: ACA500.

The local expansion port of the ACA500 is still not fast enough for a gfx card (in theory it gets 7MB/second). It'll be barely enough for USB and/or networking.

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