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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Hey Nova, I'm getting this screen when I try to run the ECS version on my A600:

It locks up here so I can't go any further.

Any idea's? I'm thinking corrupt Games files but I tried two different sets

My hardware is:

A600 Rev 1.5
A604 (total 2mb Chip)
ACA630 @30mhz / 64mb Ram

Very strange, I just tried it on WinUAE and it's working fine for me on 3.9 (using the AmiNet release v1.04) with a virtual A600 setup.

It should use the same data files as the AGA version, do those data files work ok with the AGA version for you?

Make sure you're not running the CyberAGA hack (CyberBugFix), that's know to cause problems with AmiWolf.

I'd also love to see a video of it running on your A600
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