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We will need a lot of your feedback / support / suggestions to the start. The basic engine is working, but we need to read everything you want to upgrade / change just before we start to create the game itself. The same kind of support that we got last time when Downfall had been created and that encouraged us to finish it. It is the game from us for you, so do not hesitate to critisize or suggest anything. On Lemonamiga some people suggested bigger sprites, reduction of inertia or add characters / references from other Amiga games. Good ideas, I like them, we need all kind of feedback. I know at this stage there is not much to talk about as we only have very basic tech-demo, but each voice is welcome and of course, we will mention you in "thanks to" credits

And also: everybody who would like to contribute to the game with some work is ALWAYS welcome. Remainder needs you!
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