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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
My point was that the Megadrive version WAS NOT a port of the Amiga version. Which one was released first depends on many factors and so matters not one iota (is irrelevant).

The Megadrive had much better effects (enemy deaths etc), and if I remember rightly, there were more colours and the detail was slightly higher. I remember someone describing the Amiga version as looking "washed out" colour wise compared with Mega Turrican and I think this hits the nail on the head.

Do magazines measure the quality of a game only in terms of playability? No, even though playability is the most important they also factor in graphics, sound, presentation and lastability into the equation. Yes, graphics can make a game physically 'better'. As much as I love playing nethack I prefer something a little prettier most of the time.

And if you're mentioning playability it's arguable that the Mega Drive version still comes off best, not having the poor grappling hook control system that the Amiga was stuck with.

Fair enough, but I never had that problem after many hours of playing Mega Turrican. I wonder if you're just trying to find any lame reason to put it down in favour of the Amiga version?

Beg to differ, I've played both games many times, and the Megadrive music definitely sounds the best on a Hi-Fi setup. The effects also have a lot more umph than the rather wimpy sounding ones on the Amiga. It's one of the few games that really pushes the sound chip.

I don't agree with everything this guy says, but he makes a good Amiga vs Mega Turrican comparison video:
[ Show youtube player ]

Man, do you need to work on your use of verbiage, and considering you're a Brit, thats not a compliment.

"much better", "tons better looking", your arguments are weak.

Nothing about the graphics in MegaTurrican is 'much better' or 'tons better looking', not remotely. Better background graphics as opposed to bars on the Amiga, can't argue with that, but really, the differences in foreground graphics are slight.

The Amiga version also had selectable 2 button support, so the whole Megaman grapple problem you had, I didn't... ever!

I find your excuses for why certain Amiga platformers are crap quite amusing.

Now, i'm not a Superfrog fan, yes its polished, yes its smooth, but for me the levels are just too damned big, its not compact, i'd have preferred it to be a little less big.

But certainly its lack of parallax or whether or not the main character is annoying or not wouldn't and don't feature as to whether or not i'll play a game or not!!!

And you pretty much made the same point in the other four or so games you ''critiqued", laughably poor reasons to not play them.

I think the main Mario character is crap, but it has absolutely ZERO bearing on whether or not the game is playable or not.

I'm not overly fond of the Sonic the Hedgehog character, but its probably a little less random than an Italian plumber thats for sure.

What matters to me is bits in a game that irritate me that ruin playability. Sleepwalker is a good example.

Its got all the shit you hold so dear in it, but it fails because the designers though it would be hilarious to have the main character have an overly long animation when he nearly falls off the edge of a high building, whilst you're screaming at the fucking screen for it to stop so you can stop the sleepwalker being beyond help.

THAT is stuff that should affect how you view a game, NOT whether or not its got a bit of superfluous parallax that other than visually, offers nothing intrinsic to the game itself.

As for your assertion that I should remotely care what a games magazine should think of a game, you're shit out of luck there as well. I think we can all name instances of absolute piles of dreck that were lauded on review only for the general Amiga games buying public vomiting into their laps as they wonder just what game it was the reviewer actually played.

As for the sound effects sounding better on Mega Turrican, possibly they did to you, but the Amiga also had two previous Turricans and there is an expectation that certain things will remain the same. Most of the SFX in T3 are the same in T2 and T1.

As for the music, simply not EVER going to agree with you on that one, and i'm not quite sure why you'd need to bring up a Hi-Fi as if it were some sort of trump card, most Amiga owners I knew had their Amigas through a hi-fi.

I think the thing is, MegaTurrican sounds so great to you because the Mega Drive was woefully short on music that didn't sound tinny, with the same sounding instruments time and time again.

The Amiga however was blessed with great music in even some of the shittiest games, it was the norm, but certainly I heard nothing in the Megadrive version to rival the title music of T3 on the Amiga.

So, we've established it sucks for you that not all Amiga games had parallax or characters you liked and it utterly ruined games for you.... frankly, thats got to be one of the most asinine reasons for disliking a game i've EVER heard!

Good job champ!
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