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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Of course Flink has sfx and CDDA tracks.
On the longplay it was only music, is it one of those where you have to choose one or the other? That's still Amiga game gripe #1.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
The tiles in themselves are stored in ROM, they take their weight as you said, but it was not my point.
They are compressed in ROM so must be decompressed into VRAM. 512k in ROM wouldn't be much for graphics for a whole game otherwise. Anyway I presume they have to be in VRAM for the video chip to access them.

Of course a hardware implemented tilemap system takes some burden off the 68000 (and Blitter in the Amiga's case) but it's really not that huge an overhead if you do it right. If any Amiga game doesn't have smooth scrolling it is not because of any inadequacy of the hardware.

The really big advantage of the consoles is the number and size of the hardware sprites. But even then plenty of games prove that the Amiga has what it takes to do some very good games.

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