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New Amiga game WIP - Dizzy-type game (currently untitled)

Hello all,

You may remember the game Downfall, written by me and fellow EAB members Mihcael (levels) and Preseda (graphics) last year with music and sound help from Reynolds, Wilshy and technical support and ideas from a cast of thousands. Well now Predseda and I are back with a new game under development.

As you can tell, it's not titled yet but it is going to be an adventure/platform thing in the style of Dizzy. It's a flip-screen affair and will contain the usual blend of puzzles and characters to interact with as well as plenty of platforming bits to negotiate.

Attached is a demo of the game engine so don't expect loads - there's little in the way of an actual game here so far. It's more a demo to prove the game elements do indeed function properly so to play it is a bit dull. There are enemies to avoid, water to drown you, a couple of placeholder characters to talk to and items to pick up (including one which you can give to someone).

To load the game, simply extract the archive anywhere and just run it as you would run most programs, simple as that. It shouldn't need any extra libraries or anything to run and should work on pretty much any setup.


Fire - jump
Up - talk to characters, fire to skip through the text
Down - Bring up inventory, pick up/drop items (if you have three items you can't pick up anymore until you drop one, and if you wish to give an item to a character just simply drop the item on him).
P - pause
ESC - quit

Any comments/suggestions appreciated. I am aware of a couple of little quirks still lurking - you might find the inertia a bit much on the character currently and it can be very easy to jump after exiting the inventory but I will try and fix these things. You may find a couple of small other aesthetic issues as well but nothing game-breaking.

I have been writing this on and off (mostly off) since about November last year so I suppose the results so far might not seem much considering the amount of time I have been working on it but I've been juggling several priorities and hit a number of problems on the way.

Things that will be added:

- A more colourful backdrop
- Music
- CD32 pad support
- several levels with a storyline to tie it all in

Next plan is to design a 'proper' level purely for demo purposes. It won't be very big but it will be a good test of the game engine and what can still be added and changed. That is being slowly worked on and when it is eventually finished I will upload it for you all to see.

More updates as and when...

EDIT: Self-booting ADF now added as zip file so just pop it in and play.
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