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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
I just got a c64. Never had one before. Tell me which platformers I should try. Thanks.
Some of the very best off the top of my head:

Flimbos Quest (I think it's better than the Amiga version)
Mayhem in Monsterland
It's Magic 1 and 2
Impossible Mission
Monty on the Run
Bubble Bobble

I'm sure someone will disagree with some of those choices. There's loads more to be found.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
It did happen:
This game is on par with Playstation standards. As I said, all those general bold statements as to which platform is 'superior' are silly and nothing else IMO
The PSX had very few truly 2D platformers. There's no way a CD32 could manage something like Symphony of the Night or one of the great semi 2D's like Pandemonium.

I'd agree that Flink is impressive though, but only in a 16bit generation sense. You can't call it PSX quality.

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