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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Limiting yourself to blanking out a platform for a certain genre because of making generalisations doesn't make sense to me, so that's pretty much the point why I still post here
I'm biased towards the Amiga (and 64). By the time I got an MD it was 1993 and I had already grown up with Commodore kit from the mid eighties.

But even with that bias I find it silly to deny the technical superiority of MD 2D graphics over the Amiga. The 1200 could have changed that with careful use of the faster CPU and AGA chipset but the games just didn't happen for reasons already stated by others.

But all that doesn't really matter, there were so many great games on the Amiga that it had already proved it's worth. Games like Lemmings which required precise and quick control with a mouse or games like F/A 18 which made good use of the keyboard shone above their console counterparts with ease.

The fact that 2D platforming on the Amiga seems weaker than even on the C64 (which had some awesome platformers) is not a problem when you factor in it's strength in other genres.
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