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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Just for the sake of it: The MD had a more limited palette than the Amiga. If that affects the game though is quite questionable (as is if the amount of parallax scrolling does).
MD had I think a palette of 512, I guess 3 bits per RGB component, but in a game you don't typically have too many shades close together because you want the most range of colours so I don't think that's so much of a drawback over the Amiga's 4 bits per RGB component.

MD however more than made up for it with more colours on the scrolling layers and also the hardware sprites which can use seperate palettes as well. On Amiga bobs have to share the background palette and sprites are severely limited. There are also 3 hardware layers of parallax. So the MD clearly has the edge graphics-wise when it comes to this kind of game.
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