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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
I totally agree with you. I was just answering to that assertion :

4) Inferior technical specs to 16-bit consoles developed 1988 and onwards (Mega drive, Snes)

With good coding, an 1mb Amiga was on part with these machines. This wasn't a technical problem.
Yes with good coding, and I'd still disagree it could actually compete with the best of MD and SNES. There was a reason the parallax was left out of Turrican 3 and Bubble & Squeak ECS, and especially for Turrican 3 I doubt it was developer laziness.

The SNES and Megadrive made coding the kind of graphical love you see in Lionheart much easier. With coding that kind of quality of graphics on the Amiga needing high levels of skill and experience it was no surprise most of the 2d games on the 16bit console were surpassing it.
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