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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
You're pretty much wrong on most counts as far as MegaTurrican/Turrican 3 are concerned.

Yes, it was developed first for Megadrive, but it was ALWAYS envisioned that the Amiga would get a version as well, and ended up being released first.
My point was that the Megadrive version WAS NOT a port of the Amiga version. Which one was released first depends on many factors and so matters not one iota (is irrelevant).

Foreground graphics were the same
The Megadrive had much better effects (enemy deaths etc), and if I remember rightly, there were more colours and the detail was slightly higher. I remember someone describing the Amiga version as looking "washed out" colour wise compared with Mega Turrican and I think this hits the nail on the head.

the Amiga version didn't have the background parallax graphics, but i'm actually at a loss as to how that would make it physically a 'better' game. Parallax has nothing to do with playability whatsoever.
Do magazines measure the quality of a game only in terms of playability? No, even though playability is the most important they also factor in graphics, sound, presentation and lastability into the equation. Yes, graphics can make a game physically 'better'. As much as I love playing nethack I prefer something a little prettier most of the time.

And if you're mentioning playability it's arguable that the Mega Drive version still comes off best, not having the poor grappling hook control system that the Amiga was stuck with.

I personally found Mega Turrican too cluttered where some enemies blended too easily with the background. Thats not cool no matter how you cut it.
Fair enough, but I never had that problem after many hours of playing Mega Turrican. I wonder if you're just trying to find any lame reason to put it down in favour of the Amiga version?

And lastly, whilst the Mega Turrican music was pretty damned good for the Megadrive, the Amiga version had it beat, the 7 channel title music on the Amiga elevated it beyond the Megadrive music before we even get to the ingame music.
Beg to differ, I've played both games many times, and the Megadrive music definitely sounds the best on a Hi-Fi setup. The effects also have a lot more umph than the rather wimpy sounding ones on the Amiga. It's one of the few games that really pushes the sound chip.

I don't agree with everything this guy says, but he makes a good Amiga vs Mega Turrican comparison video:
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