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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
It's easy to do some comparison when you don't take a game like Mr Nutz : Hoppin'Mad...
If Kid Chaos have a "god awful main character" but what does it have to do with the game technical qualities ? It's a fast, impressive platformer, made specifically for the A500 and it proves that Sonic would have been possible on this machine, if it have been coded with the Amiga in mind.
But this thread isn't about what we could have had, it's about what we did have. Of course the Amiga is technically capable of great games, and a number of technically impressive games prove that.

It's game design that I feel lets a lot of Amiga titles down, especially the ones overhyped in the magazines in an attempt to compete with consoles. Amiga games often feel like they weren't really designed at all, just sort of thrown together. Even if you have good graphics and good music and sound and good programming, if there isn't a solid, coherent design behind it it isn't going to work.

I could be wrong but I get the impression Amiga software teams didn't even have designers, they had artists, musicians, coders and maybe a manager, but no design team as such. The obvious exception that springs to mind is Manfred Trenz, although he was a programmer as well but he certainly carried the vision for a project.

I think the main character is important, too. I think it was very much over-emphasised, even obsessed about, in the '90s when there was the whole Mario vs Sonic thing going on, and there was too much focus on cool, trendy characters "with attitude" but the character does matter because it's part of the overall theme and atmosphere of the game. The main character gives the whole game character, really.

I've actually had a fair bit of criticism over my own game's character, but, I'm not changing it. It does define the game for me, I did come up with something a bit eccentric and he definitely doesn't "have attitude", which is entirely the point but I don't think some people got it. And that's fine.

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