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Actually it was a bit more complex related to the development platform. Factor 5 considered an Amiga version only for a few moments and moved then to the more profitable console. Behind their back Peter Thierolf (Kaiko/later Neon) made a deal with Rainbow Arts for an Amiga version. At some point he had some problems to complete it properly and ended up in the Factor 5 team. Together they completed it and Rainbow Arts/Renegade released the Amiga version first.

Factor 5 had later had some problems to find a console publisher for Mega Turrican. So the release was delayed for a few month.

Yes. Mega Turrican is a bit more polished than Turrican 3, especially the controls and the third button for the rope. It's a pretty linear console game, gameplay-wise adapted for the US market. It's matter of taste. I still prefer the complexer level design (inspired from Metroid) of Turrican 1+2.

I wonder why they didn't release an AGA version with the parallax retained. It would certainly have been doable.
Turrican II wasn't a big seller, less than 15000 copies iirc. Not sure about Turrican 3. Hardly surprising that they moved to the consoles at some point. An AGA version would have been financially too risky.

edit: Don't know if it's really true. But the German Amiga Games (not a trustful source at all) claimed/heard rumors back then that Turrican 3 had 25000 pre-orders.

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