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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
The SNES had 128KB + 64KB video memory + 64KB sound memory - pretty respectable (twice as much in total as the Sega Genesis, which had 64KB RAM + 64KB video memory,) but tight by Amiga standards...
The SNES like the coin-ops, the genesis, and any tilemap system, use that small memory. But it's huge in reality.

Each tile is coded on a byte or a word. if it's coded on a byte, the you can have 65535 tiles (64Kb of video memory).

The memory on the amiga is something else. there is no tilesystem, and if you want one it must be programmed. An amiga would require megabytes of RAM to get the equivalent of a tilesystem like the SNES or a coin-op machine.

The tilemap systems never see or access the graphics. The system get the access and display via the Hex code of a said tile in VRAM.
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