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Originally Posted by Reters View Post
Cool!! (that's what I suspected that they had financial problems)
Thanks to everyone for their interest in the subject and help
Now I am sure that I have the original box.
In a few days I'll play and I'll send scans the file for TCD teeth added to HOL.
I plan to collect all games released in big boxes on the Amiga Cd 32.
At the moment have more than 40 games in the big boxes.

Looking for some very rare games:
Brutal Paws of Fury
Base Jumpers(so rare as whizz)
International Open Golf(so rare as whizz)
Humans 3
Pinball Prelude
Speris Legacy
Strip Pot
Star Crusader
Super Stret Fighter II Turbo
Thomas The Tank Engine(so rare as whizz)

If someone could help me find these games I would be grateful
Just as rare as Whizz - if not rarer - is the standalone version of Oscar. Seeing nothing but "Oscar & Diggers" CDs on eBay disheartens me...
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