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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Well, the CD (to me) looks genuine enough with the inner linear mastering notes. The other disc posted earlier (post #8) looks like a CD-R fake - the disc is badly deteriorated too (especially common on budget CD-R discs).

The box - like Sandro said earlier... if this was released on the PC - it's not uncommon to re-label to save on costs of producing an 'Amiga' only box - if the game was released after the demise of Commodore all the reason to do this - I imagine they probably sold the game 'on demand' for the dwindling Amiga user base at the time.... (I'm sure I've seen re-labelling done on other games but I can't think which).
Paul_s, thank you for your response.
Only now I see the difference in disc cd.
important that I have the original box... I am very happy
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