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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Namely the level design of Super Turrican is quite 'cut down' compared to the other Turrican games. The graphics are indeed nice and even the soundtrack is very good, but it plays very different to the home computer Turricans (or Mega Turrican for that matter).
I think that has something to do with "culture". I doubt the size of the cart is to blame, level maps don't take up that much space compared to graphics.

When you start a game of Turrican (1 or 2) on the Amiga you know you are in for the long haul, you know you could be playing for 2 or 3 hours. Arcade games, by contrast, tend to take about half an hour to complete. It's a different context and a different audience. Perhaps they thought console-owning kids wouldn't have so long an attention span, or for whatever other reason, that a console game shouldn't last so long, that it should generally be a faster, more action-packed and "less thoughtful" experience.

But the last boss is an oddity. Logically, you should have to fight The Machine at the end, so I suspect there was some space or time restriction that prevented them from including it.
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