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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
There's a lot of mediocre games on every platform. Crappy ones are more often found on home computers, because everybody could release a game on them. The really good games are very rare on every platform. I think there are some iconic platform(ish) games for home computers (most of them were released not only on Amiga), but of course most of them can't be compared to Mario or Sonic. For me it's more important that there are games that are different and that they do a great job at it (Turrican springs to mind and IMHO Turrican 2 beats the two SNES incarnations gameplay wise).
Super Turrican was written only for money, probably by Nintendo request. This would explain why it is not so good as original 3 parts on amiga, megadrive. Graphics however was better due better hardware on SNES.
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