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Originally Posted by Reters View Post
Have more than 40 games in the big boxes on the Amiga Cd 32 and I plan to collect all of which are issued in these boxes.
Really care about the game originality is why we ask you to help.
Well, the CD (to me) looks genuine enough with the inner linear mastering notes. The other disc posted earlier (post #8) looks like a CD-R fake - the disc is badly deteriorated too (especially common on budget CD-R discs).

The box - like Sandro said earlier... if this was released on the PC - it's not uncommon to re-label to save on costs of producing an 'Amiga' only box - if the game was released after the demise of Commodore all the reason to do this - I imagine they probably sold the game 'on demand' for the dwindling Amiga user base at the time.... (I'm sure I've seen re-labelling done on other games but I can't think which).

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