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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Today have just finished with verifying whole 16 pages (16 x 25 = 400) of pouet Amiga OCS/ECS demos sorted/filtered according to thumbs-up ... see on link.

Also, I am not interested anymore to continue with verifying further pages as most of those other demos looks to be boring and not such demanding for an WinUAE emu testing as previous.

Hope that those already verified should cover enough demo coding tricks, if not all possible, so that there is then no need to continue with further testings.
But if there anyone who would want to continue, just go ahead!

p.s. Now only waiting for next official (fixed) version of WinUAE to come out. Hope it will happen before .

Reminder on comments and current status ->
Well, just from curiosity have been continued with pages 17,18,19,20 and now really decided to stop with further testing ... see no point as those demos are really look to be very simple in comparison to all others already tested before.

So, that would be now 20 pages x 25 demos/page = 500 demos already tested.

Current list of demos waiting to be fixed (acc. to

The end by trilobit
Hotbleeps by Loonies
Antediluvian Sloppy Spectacle by essence
Megademo by Royal Amiga Force
Pax Americana by Complex

Some of above will maybe be difficult or impossible to fix without some more docs/schematics/diagrams that is required.

Others has already been fixed in newest WinUAE 2.7.0 Beta 8 version.

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