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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
And of course only partly true. The hardware is never the indicator for quality games though.
I never said it was. However the better specs coupled with good gameplay allowed for an overall better experience than what was on the Amiga.

For platformer games specifically, how is saying the Megadrive or Snes did not have better hardware for that task is only "partly true"?

I think it is entirely true.

The polished Amiga games are still good, they aged well. If you don't like Turrican 1-2, Fire and Ice or Lionheart, well then you never liked them at all.
I do like those games, they are okay. But I wouldn't try to stack them against good platformers on the consoles.

You also find gazillions of crappy console platformer on consoles
Gazillions? I think that's an exaggeration to put it lightly. In the NES days sure there were many bad ones. But the ratio was much much better in the 16bit era. Unfortunately the Amiga did not fair so well.
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