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Ok, many games has sfx and music. That was possible but for a price of music quality. For example Superfrog uses 3 channels for music and 1 for sfx.

I was referring to first Turrican (released later on Megadrive, ported by Ballistic). Mega Turrican was indeed better on SMD than Turrican 3 but only if we compare graphics. Audio WAS worse on SMD (I hate that converted music), gameplay identical (I ended Turrican 3, but I played Mega Turrican only first world so this might be innacurate). The only difference was grapling hook which was on SMD easier to use (more buttons).

For conversions I'm referring only for audio. As for graphics Megadrive and SNES were better. But that's not suprise - newer hardware. On the other hand PC Engine had even better ports than Megadrive.

And yes, consoles has better ratio of good games. But that explains partially my previous post: "Besides I think Sega and Nintendo at least partially controlled quality. After all they manufactured all cartidges. As for computers anyone could publish on it's own."
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