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Originally Posted by haynor View Post
Superfrog was great, for me better than Sonic
It was terrible. It did so many things much worse than Sonic. This post from earlier sums it up perfectly:

Floaty controls, aimless level design, spikes that kill you instantly at the slightest touch regardless of how many hit points you have, unkillable enemies with no indication that they are such, straightaways that encourage Sonic-style running but end in more spikes, absolutely atrocious jumping controls, excessive backtracking, and very annoying music.
Kid Chaos was very hard platformer with good graphics and mediocre music but still was really good game.
I would say it was average at best, it was a good demo of what could be done on A500 hardware but the gameplay was boring, the music sucked and the main character was so unlikeable it made you not want to play.

As for Zool and many other games - problem with ver limited audio chipset.
Having three channels for music and one for SFX is perfectly doable. The sound hardware was limiting, but developers used that as an excuse not to even bother. Turrican, Lionheart and many others proved music and SFX were perfectly doable at the same time. Paula was perfectly capable of acceptable game audio.

But I still think that 99% amiga conversion had better music than console version, especially when compare to Megadrive, for example are Core Design and Psygnosis games.
Do you mean arcade conversions? Most console conversions were a helluva lot better than the Amiga counterparts.

Turrican was better on amiga. Megadrive port was very poor.
Megdrive Turrican was not a port, Turrican 3 was actually developed primarly for the MD.

What makes you say the Amiga version was better? Mega Turrican's music was easily on par if not better than the Amiga counterpart, the controls were better (especially for the rope swing), the graphics were tons better.

1) You know japanese never had amiga widely available on market (if available at all) so that's no suprise. On japanese market at that time ruled Sharp and Fujitsu.
No surprise but it is one of the reasons why platformers are mediocre on the Amiga

3) Common problem of all diskette based system not just amiga.
I never said it wasn't. Doesn't make the rampant piracy on the Amiga any less of a bitter pill to swallow.

4) Amiga hardware was from 1985, megadrive from 1988 and SNES form 1990 so also not suprise. I understand lower hardware than consoles just I don't understand why Commodore didn't created new model for example from 1988 do 1991.
Their cost cutting gave rise to AGA, and the same blitter speed as an 1985 A500. Pretty inexcusable.

5) There many poor games also on Megadrive and SNES. Besides I think Sega and Nintendo at least partially controlled quality. After all they manufactured all cartidges. As for computers anyone could publish on it's own.
Talking specifically about the platformers, Megadrive/SNES has a much higher ratio of good games to bad ones. There are bad ones sure, but the Amiga is full of bad ones, with hardly any really good ones.
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