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1) You know japanese never had amiga widely available on market (if available at all) so that's no suprise. On japanese market at that time ruled Sharp and Fujitsu.

2) I know, one button sucks but many amiga joysticks had two just developers rarely use them.

3) Common problem of all diskette based system not just amiga.

4) Amiga hardware was from 1985, megadrive from 1988 and SNES form 1990 so also not suprise. I understand lower hardware than consoles just I don't understand why Commodore didn't created new model for example from 1988 do 1991.

5) There many poor games also on Megadrive and SNES. Besides I think Sega and Nintendo at least partially controlled quality. After all they manufactured all cartidges. As for computers anyone could publish on it's own.

BTW. Joystick was always much better than pad. I even buy Quickshot joysticks for Megadrive and SNES and NES.

As for games:

Superfrog was great, for me better than Sonic

Kid Chaos was very hard platformer with good graphics and mediocre music but still was really good game.

As for Zool and many other games - problem with ver limited audio chipset. But I still think that 99% amiga conversion had better music than console version, especially when compare to Megadrive, for example are Core Design and Psygnosis games.

Lionheart was great game, no flaws for me. This one was even HD friendly.

Bubble And Squeak was ok. Music was much better on amiga.

Turrican was better on amiga. Megadrive port was very poor.
The same situation was with second part rebranded as Universal Soldier.
Only third part was better on Megadrive (besides music) beacuse was written for megadrive in first place. To bad that megadrive version wasn't converted for A1200. I would be fantastic port.

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