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Originally Posted by Zybex17 View Post
Hi all, tested here on my 1200 with Apollo 1260 80MHz with 32Mb : it just fly.
I just want to spend some words, to express my gratitude to NovaCoder. This is not only a great piece of software, but for someone (like me), it represent his time machine... I spent a couple hours playing it today, and i've been overcomed by memories, feelings, emotions... Thanks for all this, really. I hope to find more jems from you in the future (like someone was asking, maybe Blake stone? Corridor7 or other great games from the past)...
I spent 400€ for this Apollo last month, and today, thanks to you, i can say that i well spent my money!!!
Thanks to you again, and to all the community that is still keeping our dreams (and memories) alive with their efforts!!!!

Thanks for that message, I think it's great to hear people are still having fun with their classic Amiga's

Hopefully I'll be able to provide you with another couple of new 060 AGA ports before I retire.
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