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I'd agree that the vast majority of Amiga platformers are medicore compared with console platformers.

It boils down to a few reasons:
1) Lack of Japanese industry interest
2) The one button Joystick being so popular
3) Rampant piracy making the system unappealing to develop for (read the lionheart in-game info for details)
4) Inferior technical specs to 16-bit consoles developed 1988 and onwards (Mega drive, Snes)
5) Developers shoving unpolished games out of the door

In addition all the much touted big platformer names on Amiga had huge glaring holes that made them almost unplayable:

Superfrog - No parallax, annoying as hell music, twitchy controls, cheap deaths
Kid Chaos - Terrible rave music, god awful main character
Zool - No ability to have sfx and music at the same time. Crap music on top
Lionheart - That tiny has hell sword and kick made killing enemies needlessly tedious and frustrating
Bubble And Squeak - AGA version ruined with bugged AI. Non AGA has no backgrounds (no excuse for this)
Turrican - When compared with Mega Turrican with it's lush Effects, lovely parallax, playability with three button pad, Amiga Turrican looks and feels like turd.

Some of these might seem like minor issues but the 16-bit consoles were getting this kind of simple shit right every time. There's no excuse for the lack of polish and thought in Amiga platformers.

it's only a problem if you were weened on Consoles first that used a button to jump, and for me because I played mostly on "Computer" games where up was jump, I found that when I tried a Console game where fire was jump that it was very annoying.
I'm sorry but that's simply not true. I grew up on the up for jump joystick games. My first console was a Megadrive and the very first time I used button C for jump it was huge breath of fresh air. Up for jump just sucks, no matter how you look at it.

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