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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
So for instance, lets say I have a A1200 with HD like that nice GVP ones that was "attached" to the side of the computer. Only an example... How do you guys would protect it from floppy disk bootblock viruses from writting on it, assuming the virus can write to HDs, too?

I never ran this risk, because my A500 never had a HD. But now, because I am using WinUAE, I was thinking about this, and the only DOS way to do this I know is disabling it on the Early Setup boards page.

I dont want to select another configuration because I want only one, I "hate" to organize configurations, and with the Quickstart ones I dont have every possible combination.

Amiga virus do not damage hardisk' bootblock were designed in the floppy era
however some virus attack files on hardisk, the most aggressive one is sadam virus, but it can be eliminated easily running Viruz Z
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