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Originally Posted by TroelsDK View Post
Do you mean NOS or a 2013 brand new game?

I would love the later! what is going on with "Babylon Twins"???
They promised us an Amiga version, boxed or not, it is long overdue.
I recently bought The Incredible adventures of Moebius Goatlizard, not a big box but still a nice release!
I recall the Babylonian Twins guys were waiting/hoping for a publishing platform to appear for the Amiga before they could publish it. Currently we have no-one publishing boxed disk games and don't even have anything like an app store to sell it on. If we want games like that, we have to work on these publishing platforms ourselves first. A visual web front-end for Aminet presented in a similar way to app stores on other platforms, where each piece of software has not only a description but screenshots, user ratings and comments, download links and purchase links if the software is commercial or shareware is something the community needs if we want better access to more new software.
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