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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
I'd prefer to buy a brand new boxed amiga game...
I'd love to as well. I've been thinking about this for years, it would be cool to design a new standard sized box for new homebrew Amiga games, similar to what RGCD is doing for C64. I don't think they need to be anywhere near as big as the old Amiga and PC game boxes, just something large enough to hold a floppy disk, a small printed manual or folded poster, and a feely if anyone ends up including one in their game.

I built prototype this out of some thin, black cardboard from inside an art book, but try to imagine it as a denser card board with nice artwork printed over it, with a nice, printed label on the disk. If every other classic system out there can have nicely published, boxed homebrew games, I don't see why we can't. I'd buy them, I'm sure plenty of others would too, including new and returning Amiga people and collectors who wouldn't even open the box, but buy a few copies to keep until the value goes up.

The inside of the box would have another piece of cardboard which is cut out, folded and stuck inside to hold the disk and booklet in place like a pocket with grooves in it for the disk. In the end I imagine the quality to be along the lines of this:

Now THIS game needs an Amiga version! It's out on just about everything else, including C64, Spectrum, Mega Drive and others. Not that it looks like the best game ever, but it would just be nice to have a new, multi-platform game released on the Amiga and it looks fun enough.
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