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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
i have my own hint about why it was average : Very easy, aside the development systems they used for coding on the consoles, they had custom mapper tools which were running on the target platform, meaning that in parallel with the code, they could visualize, create and position the graphics directly on screen. With this method, you get the best, because since the graphic/mapper tool is visual, you can make thing, test them, and correct them directly. With a tool like this on amiga, much more complex games could have been made within the amiga limitations, only the coding and music would have remained to polish after.

All the arcade games (hear coin-op games) were made with game design assisted tools.
example : the Toaplan GX010 mapper/sprites design and game design conceptor running on X68000 machines.

Our developers never had such professional tool to make games in europe back in the day.
In a word.....rubbish.

Most of the major development teams would have had their own custom map creating tools, and lots of them used cross development systems as well.

Binary Emotions were small fish in the grand scheme of things, we had custom map making tools, to suggest the likes of Ocean, Teque, Bitmap Brothers et all didn't is frankly bizarre.
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