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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
The only thing it needs in the root AmiWolf folder are the '.WL6' files (which are basically WAD files). Music and SFX should go in the 'music' and 'SFX' folders, easy

Just to recap, there are now 3 known things that cause problems:

1) Running the CGX-AGA/CyberBugfiX (hack!)
2) Doesn't seem to like ScalOS (I've never used ScalOS myself, no idea why it causes problems for AmiWolf)
3) AmiWolf isn't compatible with all of the versions of the full retail data files (I think there are three versions).

I found a small bug with the palette update code so I've uploaded v1.07 to AmiNet and also v1.04 of the OCS/ECS version.

Apparently the OCS/ECS version is playable on an expanded A600
I have classic workbench with SCALOS and both AGA and ECS versions work for me so it must be something else not SCALOS if the game not working.
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