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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
For info ... 5o2 by Fairlight ->

Problem with scrolling text (see pic.1) (already discussed on pouet ... see above link).
Not interested, it is already confirmed broken in above link

There are few options that can cause pseudo-random behavior:

- ram config
- ks version
- number of floppy drives
- any expansions
- disk inserted when powering on vs inserting after insert disk hand is shown

Real random behavior on real hardware:

- rotation rate of floppy drive used to write the disk
- rotation rate of floppy drive used to read the disk
- motor rotation position when booting the Amiga

Normally it makes no difference but it is possible if some timing is very critical.

btw, do not change config on the fly, it is not always same as quitting and starting again. Especially if you do something that can't be done on real hardware.
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