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Originally Posted by johey View Post
I don't know if this is the right place,
This *is* the wrong place. As stated in the manual, your first port of call for support is your reseller. If the reseller does not know any solution to your problem, he will forward your problem to me.

XSurftest is written for all versions of the X-Surf, including the old 10MBit models. It's not an actual error message, but just an expected message if the 10MBit chip is not found on the 100MBit card.

You can only run the xsurftest program once. It is an engineering tool; It's neither a WB-capable tool nor in any way "cleanly programmed". The tool not working if the device has been opened before is not a surprise to me, and the manual already states that you should re-start your computer after using xsurftest.

For MiamiDx and DHCP, you can try to switch off Auto-MDIX (see config file). This will speed up the "link up" time from chip-reset (which is done on every device-open), and might already be your solution. I've put "wait for link up" on the todo-list of the next device revision already.

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