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I don't know if this is the right place, but I have just installed my x-surf 100 and am having some issues. When booting the machine and running xsurftest with cable connected, I get the following:

Searching for RTL8019 at 0x300...not found! (ID0=255, ID1=255)
Chip is in jumper mode
Chip is using full-duplex mode
Chip is using IOBase something (0xf) and IRQ something (7)
IRQ / Loopback / cable connection test in progress:
IRQ received ok.
Packet send......via 100Mbit/s full duplex!
In Miami, I can query the device successfully. Then I try to connect, config with DHCP. It fails. It is not very verbosal, but it simply does not work.

After I close Miami and re-run the xsurftest, I get:

No IRQ received !!!! Transmit timeout!
I am using a custom made 68000 Amiga with Zorro II slots. It should be very much like an A2000.
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