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What are your strengths?

I am a fun going lovable Amiga user of 20 years +. I have a big dislike to any Atari ST user and currently hold an Anti-ST-Behaviour-Order. I also make a good cup of tea and bring in a weekly supply of biscuits.

What are your weaknesses?

I don't believe in weaknesses because they are exactly that - weakness!

How many years expereince to you have fixing Amigas?

I've saved several Amiga boards from the dreaded barrel of doom battery

What is the best way to deal with a difficult customer?

Put the phone down on the table and go make a cup of tea. By the time you come back they'll have had enough.

Why do you want to work for Amigakit?

Because FOL works there.

What is your expected salary?

30k per annum + car allowance + pension + free Amiga and OS4.1 updates
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