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Stick out tongue Amigakit

I would like to work from home, online for

Strengths: friendly, confident and enthusiastic
Weaknesses: none
Experience fixing amiga's: not much but I was hoping that you would teach me that as I'm a beginner.
Difficult customer: be calm, relaxed, friendly and tell him/her that problem will be solved as soon as possible
Why I want to work for amigakit: I have always been fascinated and loved amiga since I got my commodore amiga cd32 in Christmas 1993 with some amazing games like superfrog, emerald mines and cannon fodder. You'll probably laugh at this but my first amiga 1200 I got was from amigakit as the amiga magic pack. The diversity of items you sell such as hardware, software, games, magazines, music cd's and gifts appeals to me. Final reason: amiga is different
Salary to be happy with: minimum wage to begin with. Hopefully will increase as i get more experienced and knowledgeable about the electronics and programming involved to repair a machine and when I know more about the items that you stock.

Thank you for your time. Ted hughes

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