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Reminder on comments and current status

+ Blerkenwiegel by Scoopex -> (Broke in 2.6.1b1. It was accidental side-effect caused by another tiny change..) -> Fixed!?

+ Funky Room by Y-Crew -> (99.9% guaranteed not-OCS compatible problem. Sets ECS only DDFSTOP bit.) -> 99.9% not-OCS problem!

+ The end by trilobit -> (Added CIA tod bug option to Advanced chipset.) -> Fixed!

- Hotbleeps by Loonies -> (This is strange.. Pouet screenshot is wrong, video is wrong, even the included screenshot with archive is wrong! What happened here?)

+ Prurient by Rebels -> (Off-by-one bug in recent sprite update (260b15)) -> Fixed!

+ Vactro 2 by Angels -> (Flickers 100% exactly same on real A500..) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ ALUMINIUM by SYNTEX -> (It seems to work fully if KS 3.1 and some fast ram enabled..) -> Work with KS 3.1!

+ Antediluvian Sloppy Spectacle by essence -> (Usual "we don't disable sprite dma during vblank" bug.) -> Fixed!

- COOL FRIDGE by UPFRONT -> (We have a winner here! This has to be the most ugliest and weirdest way to syncronize CPU to display..)

+ Megademo by Royal Amiga Force -> (Denise internal feature that adds another shift (about 2 pixels) which is not yet fixed.) -> Fixed! (2013-11-02)

+ Megademo by Freedom Force -> (Not emulation bug. It is very common overscan problem.) -> Not emulation bug!

+ Silly scroller by Phenomena -> ( was not actual chipset emulation bug but internal emulation bug..) -> Fixed!

+ Made In Croatia by Binary -> (Same as Prurient.) -> Already Fixed!

+ Subtle shades by Nuance -> (It is ECS only, OCS Agnus = corruption. old post) -> ECS only!

+ 5o2 by Fairlight -> (Not interested, it is already confirmed broken in pouet link.) -> Confirmed broken!?

+ Trashcan by Wizzcat -> (tested versions are damaged) -> Working version! (see link on EDIT2)

+ Tales Of A Dream by Dreamdealers-> (Usual bad copper wait. There are hundreds of those.) -> Not emulation bug!

+ Shave Off Your Moustache by The os -> (tested DMS version is damaged) -> Working version! (see link on EDIT)

- Pax Americana by Complex -> (It writes to blitter registers while blitter is active ... impossible to fix without having blitter's original logic diagrams/schematics.)

- Spiritual connection by Amaze -> (Another writing to blitter registers while blitter is already doing stuff.)

+ Starflight by Phenomena -> (Now fully emulated, scroller will jump correctly in ECS mode.) -> Fixed!

- Critical Mass by Parallax -> (can happen on real hardware too but appears to be more rare, probably some internal CIA timing not yet fully emulated)

- Application-Trackmo -> (BLITTER: register modification during linedraw!)

+ Megademo by Trilogy -> (A500 confirmed. No idea why sprite DMA is enabled or pointers point to garbage) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Copper Slave by Ram Jam -> (Modifying bitplane modulo one cycle before modulo is added will use old value.) -> Fixed!

+ Corsair's Latest by the company -> (exact same fill leak happens on my real A500, including quite jittery speed. Broken executable?) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Rapiad by Byterapers -> (Same corruption seen on my real A500.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Freedom by Nova -> (Only did real A500 ECS test and it has same glitches. I assume it works on OCS A500.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Little Mega Demo by Mad Monks -> (A500 confirmed. It starts bitplane DMA 1 scanline before setting bitplane pointers = shows random memory contents, possibly nothing visible in some configurations.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ New Stuff by The Special Brothers -> (ECS A500 and A1000 confirmed. Need another version to confirm possible corruption.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Megademo by Intuition -> (Not confirmed but most likely emulation problem. Not exactly same problem as in RAF demo) -> Fixed! (2013-11-02)

+ No Reality by Devils -> (Fixed. CE mode CMPA instruction was 2 cycles too slow.) -> Fixed!

+ Nanotech Mysteries 2 by Limited Edition -> (A500 confirmed. Quite weird because overscan isn't that large in this demo.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Tales of Mystery and Imaginations by Syntex -> (Make sure DF1: is unticked. Note that CLI prompt _should_ appear, it will still continue loading.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ ECA Demo 2 (Demo) by Electronic Cracking Association -> (A500 confirmed. One sprite pointer points to garbage for some reason.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Oz Con Placings by Alchemy -> (Not bothered check because they are 100% surely standard interlace artifacts when shown on progressive screen.)

+ Gerp 2013 Invitation (Oldskool Demo) by Nature & Traktor -> (Yes, it flickers on real A500 too. I think it will work fine with (real) 68020+ due to bigger prefetch buffer.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Anti Ivory Demo by Iq Minus -> (Yes and it really does look very glitchy, including that blue garbage at the bottom part of screen.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ AHej Hopp (aka Goofys 3rd demo) by The Silents & Northstar -> (It is part of design. It simulates crash.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Demo 1 by The Link -> (Some weird sprite garbage. Does not happen on ECS A500 (or A1000)) -> Fixed!

+ Delirium State of Mind by void -> (This is not A500 demo (or it is quite bad one.)) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Scrollnophobia by Proton Ltd -> (Usual overscan bugs.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Awake On The Wildside by Network -> (Usual overscan bugs.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ ABurger Hill by D-Tect & Coma -> (It is a joke!) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Bergen Party Demo by Cartel -> (Different file lengths, different contents. But anyway, A500 confirmed.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Animotion by Phenomena -> (Gap in background color bar seems to be ham mode-related emulation bug.) -> Fixed!?

- Equipose by Complex -> (It is a bug in demo that accidentally works on real hardware.)

+ Faketro (Intro) by Scoopex -> (A500 confirmed. (Why? I have no idea)) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ VektoriJa Viuhahdus (Intro) by Complex & Scoopex -> (Problem is not a problem. It is supposed to leak like that.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Geil Intro (Intro) by Alpha Flight -> (working fine in beta 7 ... it starts be broken in current beta 8) -> Fixed!

+ Compass 1 (Diskmagazine) by Alcatraz -> (Same problem. Scrolling has nothing to do with it.) -> Fixed! (2013-11-02)

- Madness 2 - The Search For Sanity by Anarchy -> (This kind of "effect" is very common when "something" takes too long or is too quick and program requires very good timing and is "racing the beam".)

+ Master Of Magic Demo by Anarchy -> (A500 confirmed (OCS), ECS = very corrupted display because it triggers chipset bug, this does not happen in emulation but I added log warning.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Hammer's Mini Intro by Anarchy -> (work fine on A500 OCS 0.5mb chip ram)

+ Deja Vu by Anarchy -> (Fixed, some 68020 stuff leaked to 68000 side..) -> Fixed!

+ Plasma Vectors by The Silents -> (A500 confirmed.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Check Mate Intro by The Silents -> (A500 confirmed.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Misery Dentro 2 by TRSI & Masque -> (A500 confirmed.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Hi Freaks (Intro) by Supplex & The Silents -> (Corruption happens because CPU modifies bitplane pointers in copperlist after copper has fetched high word but before copper fetches low word of bitplane.) -> Updated 2013-10-27 ... (seems to work fine on beta11 2013-11-02)

+ Necromantic Clouds by TRSI & Cachet -> (A500 confirmed. I assume this demo was made for faster Amigas.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Forensic Clinicism (40k Intro) by TRSI -> (It looks like it is demo bug (uninitialized variable or something).) ...!?!

+ Primus (Demo) by Brainstorm -> (invalid refresh rate -> result is undefined -> emulation is fine) ...!?!

+ Protracker 3.00 beta - intro (Intro) by Cryptoburners -> (A500 confirmed, exact same glitches. Probably made for faster machines.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Seven Months Old (Demo) by The Crusaders -> Fixed!

+ Switchblade's Balls (Demo) by The Crusaders -> (A500 confirmed. Shows uninitialized memory.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Blue Lagoon (Demo) by Wizzcat & Belga-live -> (A500 confirmed and this is "most common" side-effect on buggy demos.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ We shave Ass (Demo) by Razor 1911 -> (Broken change in test version, also broke other similar scrollers.) -> Fixed!

+ Mr. Peq's Amiga First (Demo) by Dual Crew -> (Some tweaks done but not guaranteed to be correct, this is quite rare situation.) -> Fixed!

+ Now Thats What I Call Crap (Demo) by Lsd -> (Just another demo with "scrolling text" issue!) -> Fixed! (2013-11-02)

+ Pleasure Trip (Demo) by Lsd -> (80 character mode required.)

- Funky Big-Mac (Intro) by Lsd -> (Need to examine this more..)

+ Delirka (Demo) by Appendix -> (It is AGA demo.)

+ Intel Inside (Intro) by Appendix -> (That error means not enough memory.)

+ Boot Intro by Tristar -> Same as on a real A500!

+ BBS Intro by Spreadpoint & Amiga Industries -> (It has been crunched with Imploder's library mode and will not run without explode.library!)

+ First Release in 1987 (Intro) by Amiga Industries & Kingsoft -> (80 character mode required.)

+ Digital Innovation (Trackmo) by Anarchy -> (Experimental test code remaining in b9.) -> Fixed!

+ Delirium (Demo) by Complex -> Same as on a real A500!

- Shed Tears by Ozone -> (This can't be fixed (without having real interlaced display)).

+ Alpha and Omega (Demo) by Pure Metal Coders -> (MoreNewStuffy / PlasmaForce was non-modulo case, this one is modulo case.) -> Fixed!

+ Deformations by Deform -> (This demo has buggy trackloader.)

+ Jointro (Intro) by Analog -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Short and Fast Production (Intro) by Analog -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Meeting Demo (Demo) by Celtic -> (It seems it requires KS 1.2 or older.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ JMcDisk 2 Intro (Intro) by Coma -> (This is weird one. Background is black with KS 1.1, 1.2+ and top 3/4 is blue, bottom part is black.)

+ Megademo by Cult -> (It seems it requires KS 1.2 or older.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Born (Demo) by Cult -> (Seems to be yet another KS 1.2 demo.) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ New and Better Routines (Intro) by Cult -> (adjusted but it probably still isn't exactly right, needs more testing, someday.) -> Fixed!

+ Boot Intro by Digitech -> (This is probably bad bootblock rip that does not "emulate" bootblock environment fully.)

+ Neon Skates Demo by End Of Century 1999 -> (It needs mathtrans.library.)

+ Simple A Demo by Gate -> (A1000 Agnus does not enable bitplanes if vertical DIW is zero. Only 1 and larger works.) -> A1000 Fixed!

+ Metallpower (Demo) by Powerdrive -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Balls & Motorboats (Demo) by Savage -> (68000/68010 cpu core merge had a bug, some 68000 special instructions lost their 68000 special behavior.) -> Fixed!

- Red It Intro by Savage -> (A500 ECS: logo is white A1000: logo is black. Reason unknown.)

+ Wonderboy's First (Intro) by Vortex 42 -> Same as on a real A500!

- Anarchy Party Demo by Symbiosis -> (No ugly dots on A500.)

+ Ting Man Aldrig Maa Goere (Demo) by Rednex -> (White flash is there, but position is random on real A500.)

+ Amiga Expo 92 (Slideshow) by Trygon -> Same as on a real A500!

+ New Demo by British Swapping Syndicate -> (I can't see any obvious difference on my desktop (overclocked 4770k), probably need to test it on slower PC...)

+ Marchewki (Trackmo) by Alchemy -> (A500 confirmed. (Corrupted data?)) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Lethal Formula Final (Trackmo) by Cult -> ( A500 confirmed. (Single line of hidden surface being visible)) -> Same as on a real A500!

+ Alternative Reality (Demo) by Suspect -> (A500 confirmed. (Corrupted data?)) -> Same as on a real A500!

- Last A500 (Demo) by Oblivion -> (most likely caused by some CPU emulation timing problem.)

+ Feel Blue (Intro) by Oblivion -> (Another scrolling text issue.) -> Fixed! (2013-11-02)

+ Megademo by Sargon & Red Sector Inc. & Thrust & Phalanx & Shadow Light -> (This is OCS only. ECS = single mismatched row. Emulation slightly tweaked to match this behavior.) -> Fixed!

+ Cheap demo (Demo) by Phoenix -> (A500 confirmed, shows same garbage.) -> Same as on a real A500!

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