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There's an A1200 on ebay at the moment - Amigas might not be priceless, but the guy's sales pitch is! He constantly refers to the A1200 as being "very scarce", a "hard Amiga to find" and kindly points out that it "isn't made any more". And, AND, if the bid goes above £49.99 he'll even throw in a "free American comic"! CAN YOU CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT!

Anyway, if anyone here feels like bidding, or just checking it out to see if this guy's for real , the auction can be found here. Try not to pay silly money for this "rarity".

And to think, I was GIVEN a A1200 recently, complete with hard drive, extra mem, Blizzard card, CD drive and Phillips colour monitor (plus loads of boxed games, joystick, mouse etc.). And the guy who gave it to me had it stored...yep, you guessed it, in his attic. His apathy is my gain Maybe I should give Antiques Hunt a call...
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