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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
I dissasembled x-surf-100.device v1.9 (68040) and I have two questions for now:
1. Intuition library is not opened, then no error requester will be showed. This is OK?
Or maybe intuition library must be opened?
You're in a part of the device startup code which is only called if the card is not properly initialized, for example if some other card is fully occupying Z3 space. The bug you're referring to is already fixed in V1.10 of the driver, but not yet published on my Wiki (AmigaKit has the device already, was sent to them ahead of time for inclusion in Easynet).

We are currently testing V1.11 which has a faster transfer routine especially geared towards use with AmiTCP: The new device is now available in special AmiTCP/Genesis variants which replace AmiTCP's copy routine with a combined poll/copy routine that essentially skips one step of copying the data around in memory. I'll publish that device later this evening or tomorrow, as time permits. The bug you've found is also fixed in that device.

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