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The problem for Amiga games is cost. To develop for console, it was expensive because of licensing and cartridge cost, and because of that, they generally stuck a load of people on it to get the best effort.

Would presume that the first Sonic on Megadrive was at minimum ten people if not more, Amiga Zool was three people with probably a much smaller brief I.e. "do a game like Sonic for Amiga, you've got five months to get it done, crack on".

The 'design' would have been, "George, you adapt your Switchblade 2 engine, whilst we do a sweet world, cake world, toy world, and then we will do the maps as we go along, tell Patrick what memory size he has to work with for music right at the end of the project."

The problem for the Amiga was because people could self publish without the interference from the likes of Sega and Nintendo, and was significantly cheaper to do so, they could cut corners, the product didn't have to be so polished because the cost of releasing was less.

Look at the likes of Factor 5 that were influenced by early Megadrive titles, and the extra polish in their titles is all too apparent, X-Out and Turrican wouldn't have looked out of place at all on console when they were released, better teamwork, the music was an integral part of the experience, not an after thought.

However, some titles defy the UK developer mentality, Fire n Ice is a highly polished product irrespective of it being developed for Amiga first, but that recall should have been how Amiga platformers were from the start.
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