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There is few ways of doing it with A600
1: Cheapest
Keep your original Rom and use floppies. Use EasyADF floppy from AmigaKit or similar program. (EasyADF will also unpack that LHA files on your Amiga like WHD load games) and PCMCIA kit to transfer ADF from PC to floppies.
2: Use SD card and HXC Floppy Emulator, no need for transferring files thru Amiga.
3:Keep 2.05 rom, buy CF HD, extra chip ram (trapdoor) and Fast Ram like Kipper2k or PCMCIA SRAM card and Use WHD load with Workbench 2.1 You can still use floppy
4:Most expensive but comfortable to use when all set up.
Upgrade to 3.1 Rom, buy chip ram, ACA620 accelerator, CF HD. Install os 3.1 (3.5 or 3.9) the best is Classic Workbench package with WHDLoad there already.
If you want to use floppy as well for older games you will need physical Kickstart switcher or relokick software

There is other options but I only listed what is easy to buy right now.
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