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Hi everyone. Old Amiga owner/fan here. Feeling xtra nostalgic here I am!

On the subject: Actually Risky Woods, Jim Power, Turrican II and Superfrog on the Amiga are my favorite platformers independent of system/platform. Ofc as an Amiga fan I may be biased but you can't deny the fact that these are quality productions, right? Nothing mediocre about them imho.

PS: Jim Power was ported to the consoles but the Amiga ver was clearly the best - I never cared about the "vibrant color" palettes of megadrive and snes, if you know what I mean. Plus Paula did wonders for this game..remember the amazing music?!

Oh and before I forget, something irrelevant but just so you'll better understand what kind of guy I am, since this is my 1st post and all:
Breathless > Doom \m/
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