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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Hotbleeps: This is strange.. 2.6.1 at least works correctly, looks exact same as on my A500.
On pouet nfo (or lha archive readme) is said that is for an Amiga OCS (only)?!
Have you been tested it on OCS or ECS Amiga ?

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Just a guess: intro has been coded and tested on UAE only and due to a bug in the emulator it looked different in an older version? I'll ask Blueberry next time I meet him.
Could be, as on pouet is said release date june 2011 ... I have been tested it on WINUAE2410 (1st half of 2012 version?!) and was looked exactly same as on picture or video.

EDIT: But also a little strange is that it worked in WinUAE2410 (and earlier versions) A500 regardless OCS, ECS Agnus, Full ECS or AGA was used (cause nfo file said its for Amiga OCS only ?!).

EDIT1: But in WinUAE2410 if change from PAL to NTSC got different screen look similar to latest WinUAE versions ?!

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